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Hi, my name is

Wilfred Almeida.

LFX'23 Mentee @ CNCF Harbor | NodeJS-Golang Backend + DevOps | Web3 Enthusiast | Learning Rust

I am a FullStack Mobile App developer, I majorly work with Flutter, NodeJS, Docker, and NGINX, Kubernetes and, I'm exploring Web3.

I'm looking for full-time Remote Jobs.

I like finance and can go on talking for hours about Investment, Personal Finance, Stock Market, Global Economies etc.

About Me

As a full-stack mobile app developer with over a year of practical experience in Flutter and Node.js, I have a passion for building and improving projects. My applications have been downloaded over 10,000 times on the Google Play Store.

In addition to my expertise in REST APIs and deployment using NGINX, Docker, CPanel, and CyberPanel, I have recently gained experience working with Kubernetes, and implementing CI/CD pipeline on a Debian 11 VPS server.

Throughout my career as a freelancer and intern, I have always prioritized upskilling myself while providing value to my clients. I am currently learning about System Design and striving to improve my skills in this area.

I recently open-sourced MobXcess to further its development.

I enjoy helping people and communities, and I am active in various communities online. With over 500+ reputation points on StackOverflow, I am dedicated to providing helpful and reliable solutions to others.

My strong understanding of Computer Networks, gained through years of internet usage, has equipped me with the knowledge necessary to succeed as an Internet Service Provider ISP

Here are a few technologies I’ve been working with recently:

  • Mobile: Flutter
  • Backend: Golang, NodeJS
  • Cloud: Linux, NGINX
  • DevOps: ArgoCD, Docker, Harbor, Kubernetes
  • Databases: Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL
  • Platforms: Cloudflare, GitHub Actions
  • Tools: Git, Lens, Postman

Where I’ve Worked

Linux Foundation LFX Mentee @ CNCF Harbor

Mar 2023 - Present; Global, Remote

  • Enhancing the versatility of replication filters GitHub Issue
  • Implementing regex capability when defining replication rules using Golang
  • Updating documentation and existing functionalities

Voluntary Works

Student Leader @ Postman

November 2022 - Present; Mumbai, India

  • Providing support to peers in learning APIs through sessions and workshops.
  • Advocating for the adoption of Postman among colleagues.
  • Promoting API literacy through ongoing efforts.

Some Things I’ve Built

Other Noteworthy Stuff

  • Rusly: Rust URL Shortener

    Rusly is a URL Shortener built using Rocket framework in Rust and SQLite database. Developed to implement /my Rust & System Design skills. Checkout the front-end UI

    • Rust
    • Rocket
    • SQLite
  • Search Your Laws

    SYL is an initiative wherein people can search laws based on daily life incidents. For eg. A night shift worker can search about "Night Shift" in the searchbar and will get appropriate laws.

    • React
    • NodeJS
    • MySQL
    • NGINX
  • eduJam

    eduJam is a university app, which will help you with all of your university work. It has features which allow you to see the syllabus for the ongoing semester, weekly, academic and holiday time-table, to-do list, recent video lectures with respectives notes in a pdf form, and a lot more.

    • Kotlin
    • Firebase
    • NodeJS
  • Weatherite

    An Android application for getting Weather

    Weatherite queries the Openweathermap API for a city's weather and displayes the result on screen

    • Java
    • Android
  • Flutter Weather

    A Flutter WebView App for YouTube. Loads the website in the app. Supports fullscreen mode.

    • Flutter
  • Wix Weather Site

    A weather site built using Wix Velo Enter you city as an input and get weather of the city

    • Wix

Research Publications


Getting Started with Flutter & Dart


Dissecting the Go Garbage Collector


IEEE IBSSC 2022 Paper Presentation


API 101 with Postman


Android Study Jam - XML Introduction


Core Java Tutorials

05/2021 - 08/2021

Blogs | 

All Blogs

Rusly: Rust URL Shortener System Design

Rusly: Rust URL Shortener System Design

Running Harbor Locally

Running Harbor Locally

Hosting Harbor on VPS using NGINX as Reverse Proxy

Hosting Harbor on VPS using NGINX as Reverse Proxy

GitHub Action to Publish Docker Images on Harbor

GitHub Action to Publish Docker Images on Harbor

Auto-pull GitHub repo via Webhook on VPS

Auto-pull GitHub repo via Webhook on VPS

CI/CD Pipeline using GitHub Actions, Harbor Container Registry, ArgoCD, Kubernetes, and NGINX [Overview]

CI/CD Pipeline using GitHub Actions, Harbor Container Registry, ArgoCD, Kubernetes, and NGINX [Overview]

MobXcess Purpose

MobXcess Purpose

Appwrite using NGINX as Reverse Proxy

Appwrite using NGINX as Reverse Proxy

Appwrite on Google Cloud

Appwrite on Google Cloud

What’s Next?

Get In Touch

I’m currently looking for full-time/contract based Remote Jobs. Hit me up if you got any opportunity for me or just want to get in touch with me.